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20 Dec 2016

Saffery Champness and TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) conducted their fourth annual financial benchmarking survey for the recruitment sector during the summer of 2016. The survey was carried out after the EU referendum and, whilst the results highlight another year of growth for the sector, the referendum result has definitely dampened business confidence.

08 Aug 2016

There has been some controversy of late over charities’ corporate partnerships, highlighting both the risks and benefits of arrangements with corporate sponsors. The Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice has recently been updated and in this article we look at some of the key VAT and tax implications that arise on corporate sponsorships.

21 Jul 2016

For most business owners, selling a business happens once in their lifetime. Such an exit event is normally the end game for most entrepreneurs, however it is human nature that lots of other emotive factors can often distract from the main goal of completing a smooth transaction and maximising value.

18 Jul 2016

We have summarised 10 things that companies should know when considering whether research and development tax relief (R&D tax relief) might be available to them, what it might be worth, and how the claiming process works.