IT consultancies

Accountancy services for IT businesses

We understand that people are often the key asset in any IT consultancy and we can help you to attract, motivate and retain the very best people to support growth and development.

IT businesses are rarely constrained by their location and our specialist international tax team can also advise you on areas such as:

  • Withholding tax mitigation and recovery 
  • Opening new offices
  • Employing overseas staff and consultants
  • International VAT planning and compliance

Our extensive IT sector knowledge includes a wide range of IT-related businesses, from software development to online services and data management. The fast-paced, customer-orientated nature of the IT industry needs cutting-edge advice, which we provide to our clients at every stage in their business.

The businesses we advise range from family-owned IT consultancies to multinational software developers.

We can also help your business to identify and maximise research and development tax claims, which can help your business maintain a competitive advantage, boost cash flow, and strengthen balance sheets.

To discuss a specific issue or to find out more, please contact Simon Kite, Partner and Head of our Professional and Consultancy Group.