Wealth structuring

International wealth structuring

Individuals are becoming increasingly internationally mobile and, as a consequence, have interests in multiple jurisdictions. As an individual’s affairs become more complex, they need advisers who can step back and look at the bigger picture, rather than simply considering particular issues in isolation.

We advise wealthy individuals and their families on how to structure their personal and business interests so that they are effective for both tax purposes and non-tax purposes.

Whether an individual requires advice on an existing structure or wishes to establish new structures, we can help to ensure that wealth is protected for future generations. Of course, the potential complexities of each case are unique but we can draw on a wealth of experience to provide solutions that stand up to scrutiny and are tailored to an individual’s particular circumstances.

We can provide simple solutions such as a nominee arrangement through to advising on complex vehicles such as multi-layered trusts, foundations, corporate entities, Limited Liability Partnerships and family offices. We take care of all issues associated with international wealth from analysing double tax treaties to advising on debt verses equity finance.

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