Sport and entertainment

Sports and entertainment

Our dedicated Sports and Entertainment Group advises the creative industries sector and comprises enthusiastic and trusted advisers experienced in the fields of film and television, sport, music, theatre, fashion, photography, advertising, marketing and PR.

We offer a full range of advisory services to our corporate and individual clients.

These clients, by their very nature, will be internationally mobile and need to consider a wide range of cross-border tax, social security and VAT issues. We keep up-to-date on international developments concerning the taxation of sports stars and entertainers and so are able to guide our clients through a complex range of issues.

For many years, sports persons have been subject to tax on income earned in the UK, including the taxation of global endorsement income, and there have been a number of recent high profile cases highlighting how the rules can produce very high effective rates of tax in the UK even if the individual only competes in the UK a few times each year. Having been at the forefront of the debate on this issue, we are best placed to advise on the tax treatment of international sports people and their endorsement contracts.

Another highly publicised area is the use of image rights and we are experienced in advising on how image rights contracts should be structured and can provide the steps for successful implementation.

Finally, the UK is becoming a destination of choice for major productions, following the success of the film tax credit, and the recently introduced TV and animation tax credits in the UK. We advise a range of major studios in the US and major independents around the world on obtaining and maximising the film and TV tax credit, which can help to obtain the additional funding which can be key in being able to produce a film or TV series.

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