Corporate disposals

Timing and opportunity are both key factors when selling a business. We can advise on when and how the disposal process should be instigated in order for optimum value to be realised in a way that meets the needs of all key stakeholders.

We have a strong track record of advising business owners on the sale of their businesses, advising on issues including:

  • Whether the maximum value of the business is being achieved; and
  • Whether to act quickly and realise an investment, rather than risk further uncertainty.

We also offer guidance to the shareholders and the management team, including services such as:

  • Formulation of a disposal strategy
  • Transaction management
  • Business valuation
  • Preparation of a tailored information memorandum
  • Identification of potential acquirers
  • Negotiation with potential acquirers and their advisers
  • Vendor due diligence services
  • Taxation planning
  • Post-completion services