Family and charitable foundations

Foundations have their origins in civil law and may be used to hold and manage a wide range of assets and investments for family beneficiaries, in accordance with the wishes of the client. They are widely used for succession planning and charitable purposes.

Foundations are particularly appropriate for use in planning the smooth transfer of assets between family members or other beneficiaries.

They can also be a useful means of implementing asset protection strategies or philanthropic purposes, offering the advantages of flexibility, discretion and confidentiality.

Foundations may permit an effective means of client control, as depending on the residency of the client, the founder could sit on the Foundation Board. The provisions of the foundation’s by-laws could also be modified according to evolving family circumstances.

How our experts can help you

With many of our team hailing from civil law jurisdictions, the foundation is an entity that they have an in-depth knowledge of and can work with clients accordingly.

Working in conjunction with our Not-for-Profit Group, we can ensure that the wealth continues to reach the chosen beneficiaries in a suitably efficient manner, and the aims of our founders and benefactors are met.