Land and Rural Webinar | Soil Carbon

At this webinar (the first of two webinars focusing on the opportunities for landowners around carbon sequestration), Peter Harker is joined by Andrew Voysey, Head of Impact and Carbon at Soil Capital, and together they look at: How carbon markets work. What opportunities soil carbon can provide for you. How carbon payments can be made […]

Professional Practices Webinar | Climbing the Partnership Ladder

At this webinar, Sheryl Davis and Ian Harlock-Smith are joined by Nick Chetwood and Skye Chalkly-Maber from Farley & Thompson to discuss the issues affecting mid-career partners as they aim to progress up the partnership ladder. Topics include: Strategic planning Growing profile and client base Income-related tax planning Creating a financial plan

Land and Rural Webinar | Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) has the potential to provide a significant opportunity for landowners to diversify their income streams, but how much can they earn and what do they need to consider? Peter Harker is joined by Environment Bank‘s Alexa Culver (General Counsel) and Rob Wreglesworth (Principle Ecologist) to discuss the opportunities and tax considerations […]

Not-for-Profit Webinar | Accounting, tax and VAT update for The Wildlife Trusts

At this webinar, our experts provided tax, VAT and accounts updates for finance teams of The Wildlife Trusts. Cara Turtington, Alison Hone, David Humphrys and Stuart Daltrey covered the key issues facing members, including: Gift aid update on benefits and membership subscriptions Tax implications of trading and when a trading subsidiary is needed Employment tax […]

Not-for-Profit Webinar | Investment management for charities

At this webinar, Kenny McDowell was joined by Charles Mesquita, Charities Director at Quilter Cheviot, to discuss: How charities can successfully manage their reserves The impact of climate change and ESG on investing How to invest responsibly