Evaluating the Creative Local Growth Fund

10 Feb 2021

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Saffery and Nordicity have co-authored an independent evaluation of the Creative Local Growth Fund, a place-based programme established to provide financial support to local initiatives to help arts and culture contribute to economic growth.

Between 2015 and 2020, Arts Council England worked in partnership with local enterprise partnerships across England, leveraging European Structural and Investment Funds. In total, the Arts Council awarded nine projects £3.8 million – with a total of over £18 million being raised taking all sources of funding into account.

The evaluation report took account of numerous factors to assess the projects’ impact on employment, gross value added, skills, inclusivity and partnerships, among other things.

The report has been published online by the Arts Council.

Stephen Bristow, a partner at Saffery and co-author of the report, commented:

“Our report revealed that the funding provided by the Creative Local Growth Fund supported 1,734 local enterprises, directly led to 259 new products and services, generated significantly higher business confidence and improved knowledge and business skills. I was delighted to be involved in evaluating this very worthwhile scheme. Arts and culture does significantly impact people’s lives and this type of work helps us to fully understand and quantify the role it plays in the economy.”