Switzerland: the growing jurisdiction of choice for many Asian wealth owners

4 Jan 2023

Born and educated in China and with deep experience in the trust industry from her time working in Guernsey, Hong Kong and Switzerland, Saffery Champness Client Director, Yumei Zhang, is exceptionally well-placed to understand Asian culture and how its consideration is essential in best meeting the needs of clients.

PCD Club Founder, David Bell, speaks with Yumei, exploring how Switzerland is the growing jurisdiction of choice for many Asian clients.

Describing Asia as the fastest growing region in respect of wealth creation in recent decades, Yumei speaks to the ‘prominent trend’ of the globalisation of Asian families who have both family members and assets across multiple jurisdictions, touching on how the multi-lingual and multi-cultural team at Saffery Champness understand the cultural backgrounds and sensitivities of its clients.

Yumei explores the role of Saffery Champness in coordinating and supporting Asian clients who are looking to wealth structuring to protect their valuable assets, facilitate the smooth transition of wealth to the next generation and, ultimately, protect their family legacy.

Yumei delves into the world of wealth management and succession planning, explaining how Switzerland’s long history of political and financial stability alongside its position as an independent sovereign state has brought it to the forefront as one of the best regulated jurisdictions in the world.

With ‘freedom, choice, accountability and responsibility’ underpinning Switzerland’s political system, Yumei analyses why the jurisdiction is becoming increasingly popular with Asian clients.

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