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17 Jul 2017

Good Work is the Taylor Review’s report on modern working arrangements, including the use of non-payroll labour and the so-called ‘gig economy’. Published on 11 July, it contains a number of proposals and ideas for improvement and addresses issues resulting from recent cases involving contractors. It also covers the issues of wage growth, low productivity, skills profiles, new business models and automation.

08 Mar 2017

There are many factors to think about when setting up a new business – from registering your company for tax purposes, to setting up an invoice system. This article looks at some of the key points to consider.

07 Mar 2017

Taking on the role of being a trustee can be a daunting task, with many risks and responsibilities, especially for lay trustees who may not be familiar with the various fiduciary obligations involved. Whether you advise trustees in a professional capacity, or you are a trustee yourself, you may find the following tips helpful.