Where potential has a first name

When you work with Saffery, you work with people who know your name. Who know you as a human being, not just a job title.

Everyone belongs here. Always.

You’re free to let your personality and style shine through.
Where we’re all equals, all playing our part.

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We’re the firm where potential meets personal meets you.

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school leavers
School leaver programme

Get a recognised professional qualification and a full-time salary straight after your A Levels. Develop useful, practical skills – by doing challenging, hands-on work. Bring the enthusiasm, get involved, and learn from experienced colleagues who’ll support you every step of the way.

School Leavers

From day one, you’ll be learning, developing, and growing, because you’ll be doing. You’ll enjoy real client assignments, real responsibility, and real accountability. So, if you’re the type to naturally lean in, instinctively put your hand up, and own what you do, we’re your kind of firm – and you're definitely our kind of graduate.

summer internship
Summer internships

Finding the right fit, the right firm, the right area to specialise in, is so important. Spend a summer with us as an intern and get a real feel for everything Saffery has to offer. Make a positive impact on Saffery, our clients, and your future career – in just six to eight weeks.

experienced hires
Experienced hires

Select, high-profile clients. Talented, grounded colleagues. Personally interesting and professionally stretching work in an ambitious firm that puts its people front and centre, always. A purpose-led firm with a high bar and higher expectations. Whatever you’re doing now, see how you can do it even better here.

Experienced hires