Our specialist Real Estate Group provides tax and business advisory services to property developers (both residential and commercial) and property investors – both corporate and via a fund structure.

The complexity of many commercial real estate transactions creates numerous tax pitfalls for the unwary and we have worked with a wide range of clients to help ensure the success of their projects, from large residential developers, care home and student accommodation groups and investors, to commercial real estate developers.


Our real estate developer clients include those in the development supply chain, ranging from FTSE 250 businesses to entrepreneurial SMEs. Our support includes:

Corporate and fund property investors

We work with our corporate clients to ensure the financing of transactions in the most commercial and tax effective manner, with clients ranging from large retail funds through to smaller specialised syndicates setting up commercial property funds or investment companies for the first time.

We can also advise on the use of property-owning funds or other holding vehicles most appropriate for your investment objectives, expectations and strategies, and as necessary we can involve our Guernsey Fiduciary Services business.

Find out more about how we assist private individuals and landowners.

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Roger Weston
Partner, London

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Roger is Head of Real Estate Practice Group at Saffery and a partner in the firm’s Business Advisory Group in...