Our team of payroll experts provide a full and integrated service to a wide range of clients operating large and small payrolls.

We ensure a guarantee of confidentiality and special attention to all aspects of your payroll function.

Our award-winning team can deal with all HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiries on your behalf, as well as produce reports for your accounts department, employee payslips and payments, and payments to third parties of amounts deducted, such as HMRC and your pension provider.

All our payrolls are Real Time Information (RTI) compliant, and we’re here to advise you on any queries you might have regarding RTI.

We’re also able to provide a paperless solution, by producing e-payslips for your employees and electronic reports for your accounts department. Find out more about our employment tax offering.

Why you should outsource payroll services to Saffery:

  • Dedicated team contact – you’ll have a dedicated team member to deal with your enquiries.
  • Bacs payments – we’re approved by Bacs to pay salaries, HMRC, pensions and third-party payments on your behalf.
  • Authorisation procedures – the final check of the payroll processing results is done by you to ensure a smooth payroll run.
  • Data security – we use a secure portal and encrypted emails to ensure your data is fully secure and all our procedures are GDPR compliant.
  • Advanced software – we use a leading operating system that is kept up to date with the various changes in legislation and is available 52 weeks of the year.
  • Confidentiality – we don’t share the information you provide with third parties.

Embracing outsourced payroll services can be a game-changer for your business. It streamlines operations, makes significant cost savings, and frees up valuable resources to focus on your organisation’s growth and success.

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Emyr Rowlands
Director, Peterborough

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Emyr heads up our Payroll Services, providing a full and integrated payroll service to clients operating large and small payrolls.