The tax landscape, both in the UK and abroad, has never been more complex.

As well as domestic developments, individuals and businesses must now keep abreast of international tax cooperation initiatives.

Tax is also becoming increasingly digitised, as more and more compliance and reporting services move online, and tax authorities gain greater access to digital records. Add to this the increased public scrutiny over tax, and it can be challenging for even the most prudent of taxpayers to feel confident they are compliant with all of their tax obligations.

At Saffery, we’re here to help our clients, both personal and corporate, structure their affairs and navigate their tax responsibilities in a practical, commercial way that is tailored to their individual circumstances. Our clients’ goals and priorities are at the very forefront of what we do, providing advice and support across a range of taxes both in the UK and internationally.

Our experience spans a variety of tax specialisms – from income tax, employment taxes, inheritance tax and non-domiciled individuals; to corporation tax, VAT, transfer pricing, and Research and Development tax credits. We can also assist with tax valuations, SDLT, and other specialist tax areas.

We also draw on international support from the Nexia network, which allows us to work with them to provide you with fully integrated advice.

We engage regularly with HMRC, HM Treasury and other government departments on tax policy matters that impact our clients. A selection of our responses to recent government consultations can be found here.

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Sean is Head of the Edinburgh office.