In the complex landscape of the financial services industry, Saffery stands as your dedicated partner.

We understand that navigating this highly regulated environment poses challenges, and that’s why our team of experts are here to provide not just solutions, but personalised and practical guidance for your business.

How we can help your business

We offer a wide range of services, including statutory audits, reasonable and limited assurance CASS, internal systems and controls reporting (AAF 01/20), client money systems reviews, corporate finance transactions, and FCA interim profits reviews.

We’ve fine-tuned our audit and assurance services for financial services businesses. Our tailored solutions ensure compliance, transparency, and confidence in financial and non-financial reporting.

Statutory audit

We go beyond audit standards to ensure a thorough examination.

Client asset assurance

Our expertise includes in-depth client asset assurance assignments and robust reviews of systems and controls, ensuring a detailed assessment of your client asset and money processes.

CASS rulebook compliance

Navigating recent changes, we go beyond the ordinary to report on compliance with all aspects of the CASS rulebooks, addressing the evolving landscape for businesses in the financial services sector.

AAF 01/20 reporting

As a trusted service auditor, we prepare AAF 01/20 reports tailored for various industries, including custody, fiduciary management, fund accounting, and investment management.

Adaptable assurance solutions

Recognising evolving needs, we offer ad-hoc assurance services, covering agreed-upon procedures such as remuneration procedures and interim profits reviews for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) capital purposes.

Understanding the intricate tax terrain of partnerships, we understand that limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and individuals in financial services demand bespoke strategies. We can design personalised solutions to optimise your financial position.

Partnerships and LLPs

We can delve into the nuances of partnership taxation with ease, covering profit allocations, capital contributions, and distributions. We can also help prepare your partnership tax return.

Individual taxation for financial professionals

Our tailored tax services for individuals – whether you’re a self-employed consultant, a financial firm partner, or an executive with complex compensation – go beyond just compliance; we provide proactive strategic advice.

Comprehensive services

Our wide-ranging services cover partnership and LLP tax compliance, individual self-assessment compliance, succession and retirement planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) support, creation and review of tax-efficient structures, and remuneration tax planning and advisory services.

In a dynamic economic environment with evolving regulatory frameworks, the financial services sector demands specialised accounting and advisory services.

Comprehensive financial reporting

In the financial services sector, accurate and timely financial reporting is crucial and often required by the FCA. Our accountancy services take a comprehensive approach to financial reporting, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Count on our team’s strong experience in both UK GAAP and UK-adopted IFRS for your annual reporting needs.

Accountancy advisory services

Being forward-looking and proactive is key. Our accountancy advisory services are particularly useful for those being audited by another firm or those seeking insights into how strategic choices may impact future financial statements.

Regulatory compliance expertise

Operating in a highly regulated environment, the financial services sector requires vigilance in navigating ever-changing regulations. Our services are designed to guide you through the complex regulatory terrain, ensuring ongoing compliance with current and upcoming regulations. We work effectively with your compliance consultant or other advisers.

Proactive support

Rely on us for a wide range of services, including accounting, outsourcing, forensic and litigation support, business share valuations, transaction support, succession planning, and payroll. Our proactive accounting and advisory support is tailored to the needs of the financial services sector.

Corporation tax requires precision and expertise. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the financial services sector and are committed to providing a full range of specialised corporation tax services.

UK corporation tax compliance

Meeting your UK corporation tax compliance obligations is our expertise. We assist with:

  • Preparing disclosures and calculating tax provisions for UK GAAP and UK-adopted IFRS accounts
  • Calculation of quarterly instalment payments
  • Preparing corporation tax returns
  • iXBRL tagging of accounts and tax returns for seamless online filing
UK corporation tax advisory

Beyond compliance, our advisory services cover crucial areas, such as:

  • Capital allowances claims
  • Research and development (R&D) tax credits
  • Tax-efficient profit extraction
  • Taxation of intangible assets and the new Patent Box
Employment tax compliance and advisory

Our integrated compliance and advisory services cover all aspects of UK employment tax and National Insurance contribution matters. This includes:

  • Advice on PAYE, apprenticeship levy, off-payroll workers, IR35, employment status, and NMW (National Minimum Wage)
  • HMRC reporting and filing requirements, including payrolling of benefits, P11Ds, and PAYE Settlement Agreements
  • HMRC enquiries and employer compliance reviews
  • Senior Accounting Officer compliance
Business valuations

Drawing on extensive experience across sectors and life-cycle stages, we excel in carrying out business valuations for various purposes. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

VAT advisory

We solve complex VAT problems in a practical and cost-efficient manner. Our proactive, knowledgeable team offers services such as:

  • Advising on acquisitions, disposals, new ventures, transfers, and corporate restructuring
  • Partial exemption special methods and planning
  • Advising on property development and construction projects
  • Handling large and complex transactions, reviewing VAT clauses, and advising on contracts
  • Dispute resolution with HMRC
  • Conducting VAT reviews and health checks

Why choose Saffery?

As specialists in the financial services sector, we bring a unique blend of industry insight, tailored solutions, and a commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our approach is partner-led, meaning you’ll receive a high-quality and cost-effective service. We’re dedicated to alleviating the pressures across a number of highly regulated sectors, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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