Takeover Code

The Takeover Code applies to listed companies in the UK. It requires offeror and offeree companies to obtain competent and independent advice on any offer and to follow the rules of the Takeover Code, including liaison with the Takeover Panel.

We are experienced at providing advice to companies through analysis, investigation, research and reporting, and have been engaged in a range of Takeover Code assignments.

For offerees, we are able to advise the board of directors on whether an offer provides the best value to shareholders.

Equally, for offerors, we are able to lead the offer process, including managing the preparation of the offer document. As lead advisers for offerors, we provide advice to the offeror on the timing and nature of the various announcements which are required to be made at each step of the transaction in order to comply with the Takeover Code. We work closely with the Takeover Panel throughout the process.

We can assist with the provision of corporate finance advice on subsequent acquisitions, disposals or further fundraising. Our experts are also able to advise on corporate tax structuring.