Owners of landed estates and other rural businesses regularly face complex tax issues with the assets they own, their businesses, or family transactions.

Often, what is right for one tax is wrong for another. Passing assets between family members can sometimes be tricky because of tax or family issues.

Our Land and Rural Group, led by David Chismon help clients identify all of these issues, providing a flexible and tailored solution. Our approach allows for future changes, whether it is in relation to your family, business matters or a change in legislation.

Services for landed estates and rural businesses

We provide advice for all owners – whether private, corporate or trustees, including charities. This is delivered by one of a specialist group of over 20 partners and their support teams around the UK. Common issues regularly covered include:

  • Succession planning.
  • Capital taxes mitigation.
  • Heritage matters.
  • VAT issues.
  • Everyday tax compliance and accounting issues.

Our strong interest in commercial drivers, different business models for estates and businesses, together with a strong network of contacts means we can add valuable and pro-active support to the commercial side of your business.

Our expertise in the rural sector

Our expertise is built on being leading advisers on accounting, succession planning, tax and related matters to more than 25% of the top 100 landowners in the UK. Together, we act for over 1,000 landed estates and rural businesses, the owners of over 3 million acres of land.

We work closely with various legislative and representative bodies. Many of our partners hold influential positions in the leading organisations representing the interests of estate owners, including:

  • The Political and Taxation Committee of Historic Houses (formerly the Historic Houses Association)
  • The Legal and Taxation Committee of Scottish Land & Estates (SLE)
  • The Tax Committee of the Country Land & Business Association (CLA)

This provides us with an insight into the development and implementation of legislation that impacts upon our clients. We also support the activities of various rural charities, including the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

Working together

We believe in teamwork and can work very closely not only with you, your family and in-house teams, but also with your other external advisers.

For more information on how we can help you or your business, please contact our specialist team.

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David Chismon
Partner, Bournemouth

Key experience

David advises owners of landed and rural estates, including individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts.