Private Trust Company

Use of a private trust company offers a range of benefits. These include the ability for the family to actively participate in the management of the assets and decision-making processes, as well as sitting on the board of the private trust company.

A private trust company is a corporate structure company that is authorized and/or licensed to act as a trustee. The trust company is often owned by an individual or family and acts as the family trustee for their trust(s), giving the family the option to have more control over the trust and allowing them to personalise their structuring arrangements.

A private trust company is also useful for holding specialized assets, which may be considered to have a higher level of fiduciary risk. The private trust company is often used for assets such as yachts and aircraft or for families looking to consolidate all of their structures under one trustee.

How our experts can help you

We can advise on the creation of a private trust company, guiding and assisting the client and their family through the procedure.

Furthermore, we can act as an on-going director of the private trust company to ensure that the trustee remains independent, professional, adheres to all relevant trust laws and keeps up to date with revised legislation across a variety of jurisdictions.