Structuring solutions

Our structuring solutions will vary from client-to-client, as no two clients are the same. Our aim is to achieve the clients’ ultimate goal which is to ensure that wealth ends up in the hands of those that the client would like the wealth transferred. This can be achieved through a variety or combination of methods.

The following are a list of the more standard services that we provide to our clients.

Private Investment Companies

International corporate entities can be established to hold clients' international assets. The Private Investment Company (PIC) is the legal owner of the assets held.

The separate legal identity of the PIC allows for a number of benefits in the areas of wealth protection and preservation. Use of a PIC may permit international taxation to be minimised and assets to be consolidated under one centralised administration. Liability is also limited and assets with differing risk profiles may be segregated and held by separate PICs.

How our experts can help you

We are able to arrange for the incorporation of PICs for our clients in a wide range of jurisdictions, providing the following services:

  • Advice on registration and required documentation.
  • Advice on the on-going use of a PIC and providing directorship.
  • Accounting and full administration services.


The term trust encompasses a wide range of potential vehicles, such as reserved powers trusts, partially discretionary trusts, purpose trusts, and the more traditional fully discretionary trust. These various trust types allow the settlor to balance the amount of control they wish to retain, versus the level of protection of the assets from potential attacks and threats.

There may be several reasons to use a trust structure. These include:

  • Asset protection from attack by heirs, potential litigators and unknown creditors.
  • Tax efficiency to allow individuals to benefit, delay or minimise the payment of taxes.
  • Inheritance planning, allowing families to transfer wealth in a manner that fits with the family philosophies and prevents more vulnerable members of the family from having too much too soon.
  • Long-term preservation of the family’s assets or business.

A wide variety of assets can be held in trust structures, including, but not limited to, investment portfolios, private businesses, insurance policies, real estate assets, and mobile assets, such as aircraft or yachts. 

Ownership and reporting of the family’s multi-jurisdictional assets can be consolidated in one structure for convenience, ease of control, and reporting requirements.

How our experts can help you

Our team of qualified trust and company experts have experience of dealing with a wide range of assets and structure types which may touch many jurisdictions. We will ensure that all management and control of the structure is properly undertaken, giving the structures a true substance and robustness should they come under attack.