Our core focus as a firm is to be renowned for caring passionately about our people and our clients, whilst being recognised as a responsible business.

We believe that sustainable success and long-term stability can only be achieved through responsible business practices.

Our actions and our wider strategy are guided by a Responsible Business Group, made up of stakeholders from across our firm. The group reports directly into our Management Board.

Involving our people

Across our business we have a tremendous amount of collective energy and enthusiasm for responsible business initiatives.

We aim to harness this by involving all our people in the generation of ideas to maximise our positive impact and embed sustainable business practices across everything we do.

A national framework allows us to co-ordinate our actions across our offices, involving people at all levels and creating opportunities for our teams to make a difference to the immediate communities where they live and work.

Business in the Community

We’re pleased to have partnered with Business in the Community (BITC), a network of more than 600 business members with a focus on growing the responsible business movement and collectively creating a greater impact, focusing on:

  • Developing a skilled and inclusive workforce
  • Ensuring ways of working are good for everyone
  • Delivering a just transition to the climate crisis and regenerating the planet
  • Building thriving communities

We’re committed to working with BITC and building relationships with other member businesses, who can support and challenge our initiatives to help improve our outcomes.

This allows us to support opportunity and enable success for our clients and people, but also make a real difference on a broader scale.