You name it

Where do you want to take your career? What do you want from it? Because that’s what it’s about at Saffery. You. Your potential. Your career. And how we can best help you get where you want to be.

Professional development made personal

Yes, we take your professional development personally. We make it meaningful to you. For you. 

If you’re committed and driven, if you have a clear direction of where you want to go, we’ll help you get there. We’ll make sure you get there. 

Whether you’re a fee-earner or IT expert, if you’re in People Experience or Finance, we’ll work with you to really understand your aspirations and how we – practically, professionally – can support you to achieve them. 

For some, that means informal, on-the-job learning. For others, it could mean studying towards a recognised professional qualification. For everyone, it means formal appraisals, regular check-ins, and ongoing coaching and feedback. 

Take it from the top

Just how important is training and development to us? 

We meet regularly to make sure that we’re offering everyone here the right kind of support, training and development. From soft skills like time management, to more technical training courses. All here. All for you.