We are passionate about helping you make the most of your abilities and forging a career you can be proud of. We have a wide-ranging training programme focused purely on your professional development.

Learning and development opportunities

All our staff are valued and seen as pivotal in sustaining and improving our business performance. We offer learning and development opportunities to all.

Whether you’re a fee-earning member of staff or work in HR, finance, IT or marketing, we will work in partnership with you to understand what your aspirations are and nurture you along your journey with us. Your performance development review will translate those goals into reality.

We believe that people learn most effectively informally. However, we support many members of staff informal learning, including study towards a professional qualification, where appropriate. For example, we have HR staff studying towards their CIPD and finance staff studying towards their CIMA. If you are studying for a professional qualification, you will receive the highest level of support from the firm.

Soft skills and technical training courses

We have a full programme of in-house ‘soft skills’ training courses, as well as technical skills training courses, all overseen by a training committee, comprising of senior staff from across the firm.

We appreciate that your career is important to you and we want to support, guide and encourage you along the way by providing first-class training and opportunities. These not only develop your professional technical abilities but also help to nurture essential skills such as time management and report writing.