Partnership with Business in the Community

5 May 2023

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We are delighted that Saffery was announced as new members of Business in the Community (BITC).

Business in the Community is a British business-community outreach charity promoting responsible business, CSR, corporate responsibility. Formed in 1982 in response to the Brixton Riots, and with His Majesty King Charles III as it’s Royal Founding Patron, they are the largest and longest-established membership organisation dedicated to responsible business.

They work with a network of businesses that represent more than 20% of the UK workforce to continually grow responsible business practices, uniting their efforts for greater social and environmental impact in our communities.

Ruth Evered, working as a Director on the Responsible Business Cornerstone, attended the BITC 40th Anniversary Event in London where the partnership with Saffery was announced in the presence of a very special guest – His Majesty King Charles III.

BITC are excellent steerers and support in helping us shape our responsible business ambitions specifically in how we can impact in the communities we work. They have access to a very large network and resources, including regional and global boards as we look to learn from others. Culturally they have fitted with us as we look to have a nod to the traditional whilst also shaping a sustainable future.

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