Saffery Champness retains STEP Platinum Employer status

18 Mar 2019

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Saffery Champness Registered Fiduciaries has retained its Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner’s (STEP) Platinum Employer Partner status.

The prestigious accreditation is part of STEP’s Employer Partnership Programme, designed to help employers of STEP students and members to plan and deliver the best possible learning experience.

Platinum is the highest level achievable. It is regarded as a hallmark of quality, and a clear demonstration of a firm’s commitment to the learning and development of its STEP members.

Saffery Champness initially achieved Platinum Employer status in 2015. This involved a detailed application process, and the renewal was equally as rigorous.

The renewal demonstrates how Saffery Champness has continued to meet the standards required by STEP at any given level, and how the firm has built on its learning and development programme. It also evidenced the firm’s learning and development training policy, the personal development training programme for each STEP member and student, as well as an appraisal document for those obtaining a STEP qualification.

“Saffery Champness is definitely an ‘early adopter’ and a very valued partner with excellent provision for staff. They sailed through the accreditation and renewal processes, which is not always the case,” said Jenni Hutchinson, Head of Employer Partnerships at STEP.

The process was led by Saffery Champness director, and STEP member, Lisa Vizia, who commented:

“As part of our firm’s key strategic objectives we recognise the need for well-trained employees and having the opportunity to develop their professional skills is a key source of motivation at our firm.

“Through high quality structured training and development practices, procedures and effective communication, we are committed to providing learning and development opportunities for our staff. This accreditation assists us in ensuring that our training and development continues to meet a global, best practice benchmark.”