Entrepreneurs Private Equity and M&A Discussion

Entrepreneurs Private Equity and M&A Discussion

Jamie Cassell (Partner, Saffery Champness) is joined by Philip Duquenoy (Partner, Key Capital Partners), Dan Potts (CFO, The Green Recruitment Company) and Niraj Patel (Partner and Head of Corporate Finance, Saffery Champness) for a discussion surrounding how Private Equity (PE) could benefit businesses through their next stage of growth. During the discussion they explore what to look for when deciding to invest in a business, advantages of PE over debt raising or internal working capital, how to prepare for PE investment outlining the process, timelines and what to expect. Also the importance of the adviser as when to engage them to ensure the right outcome for all parties is achieved.

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Jamie Cassell

Partner, London

Key experience
Jamie joined Saffery Champness’ Business Advisory Group in 2014, after spending the majority of his career at a top six...