Allison Brouard

Risk & Compliance Director, Guernsey



I have always had an aptitude and enthusiasm for research and investigation. Over years of working in the trust and company sector, I was drawn to compliance because every day is different. I am continually learning and there is always something new and interesting to get hold of and delve in to.

I have an inquisitive mind and never take anything at face value. Once I am working on something I am not easily distracted, however compliance is always a juggling act, as new opportunities and challenges arise. The multi-jurisdictional scope of Saffery Trust has enabled me to develop a diverse knowledge base to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of compliance for our clients.

I have a huge amount of personal accountability in my role, but I thrive under that level of responsibility. I have confidence not only in myself, but in my team, to be on the ball and offering the best service.


I am responsible for ensuring that directors, management and staff are fully compliant with the firm’s legal and regulatory obligations, company policies and procedures.

Compliance requirements are continually changing so a large part of my role is developing, maintaining and revising our policies for the general operation of the compliance programme and its related activities.

As the Money Laundering Reporting Officer for the Guernsey office, I regularly liaise with regulators and law enforcement agencies and provide advice and training to staff on anti-money laundering issues.

I also meet with banks, brokers and investment advisers to explain our compliance and risk management strategies, ensuring the firm maintains ‘approved’ status for our clients.

Key experience

  • Appointed liaison with regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies.
  • Providing support to the Geneva office on all compliance and risk management issues.
  • Heading the internal risk-based monitoring system