Your wealth journey is unique. We’re here to find the best solutions for you, which may not always be a traditional trust structure.

Whether your wealth and assets are best placed in multiple in jurisdictions or in alternative structures, we tailor our services to fit you. We’re highly experienced in establishing and managing a range of wealth structures, including:

Family Investment Company (“FIC”)

An FIC is a private company where family members are the shareholders. They are excellent corporate vehicles for succession planning. FICs are particularly beneficial to clients who are resident and domiciled in the UK.

Usually, parents will manage the day-to-day company affairs and sit on the Board. Parents will often transfer the value to children, who will own equitable interest in the shares. Different classes of shares can be issued with varying voting and decision-making rights to safeguard the interests for future generations.

Family Foundations

Foundations are often considered a hybrid of a trust and a company. They are separate legal entities with no beneficial owners and are incorporated on instruction of a founder, with the legal and beneficial title held by the foundation itself.

Family foundations are particularly beneficial for clients in civil law jurisdictions which may not be familiar with the distinction between legal and beneficial ownership. They offer succession, wealth planning and philanthropic solutions.

Governed by a charter and rules, foundations can be tailored to suit the wishes of each family. They can protect the younger generations from the complexities of the family day to day affairs and finances while providing a gateway for their future involvement.

Limited Partnership

The benefit of limited partnerships is that your financial liability will be limited to the capital amount you invested. They are often used by private equity clients for listed investments, where the partner does not necessarily want involvement in the day-to-day management of the partnership.

Governed by a Limited Partnership Agreement, a limited partnership can be a flexible way to meet the objectives of an investor and documents the relationship between all interest parties, whilst limiting liability.

Private Trust Company (“PTC”)

A PTC is a privately owned company which acts as the corporate trustee of one or more family trusts. They are controlled by a board of directors who undertake trustee decision-making duties regarding the administration of the trust(s).

PTCs allow families, or their trusted advisers, to be actively involved in the administration of the trust(s) as co-trustees, adding their breadth of knowledge to the decision-making process. PTCs are particularly beneficial for the gradual involvement of family members in the structure with wealth succession and family governance at the forefront.

Protected Cell Company (“PCC”)

PCCs are made up of a core with several different cells, which allow for the segregation of assets. Contract liability can be limited to a specified pool of assets in each cell, making it a popular vehicle for families with assets across multiple classes.