At Saffery Trust, we’re anything but standard. We aren’t restricted in what we do, and you shouldn’t be either.

We value that our distinctive independent structure means we are not restricted in exploring opportunities in any asset class, giving our clients the freedom to explore all avenues of interest.

We understand that no two clients are alike and nor are their interests. From art, antiquities and precious metals and jewels, to aircrafts and superyachts, we work in partnership with our clients to facilitate the acquisition, management, or sale of luxury assets.

Our service offering of non-standard assets includes administering non-marketable investments, such as private equity investment and operational businesses. We also have a wealth of experience in facilitating the purchase, development, management, operation and sale of hotels, commercial and residential property as well as luxury signature residences for our clients.

Working with our global network of consultant advisers, we facilitate connections between our clients and specialists in any asset class to ensure the highest level of client service and risk mitigation.

Our non-standard asset service is continually diversifying as our clients’ interests evolve. This has included the establishment of digital asset teams across our jurisdictions, managing digital asset portfolios for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, in line with growing opportunities within the digital market.

We sit at the top of industry in managing high-risk assets. Our comprehensive understanding and experience of recognising and mitigating risk allows us to tailor our services to competently and confidently manage your assets, where other providers may shy away.

Key experience

  • Art, antiquities and precious jewels, including:
    • establishment, administration and directorship of companies which acquire, hold and lend to private collections
    • receiving assets on bailment and facilitating their loan to museums and exhibitions for public display, ensuring the ultimate beneficial owner retains ownership, and
    • managing and mitigating key risks surrounding culturally important and historic pieces.
  • Digital assets including the management portfolios for ultra-high-net-worth clients, involving cryptocurrency, digital art, metaverse land and non-fungible token (NFT) assets.
  • Yacht management
  • Property, including the structuring, development and operational management of a substantial £200 million+ UK private residence.
  • Acquisition, development and operation of hotels, as well as commercial and residential developments globally.
  • Structuring, acquisition, build, operation and sale of a private Boeing 747-800 and a €220 million+ super yacht.
  • Handling of complex, contentious matters, for example the sale of a substantial branded car import, manufacturing and sales business in the Middle East which included facilitating the resolution of commercial, political and legal issues.