At Saffery Trust, yacht management is plain sailing.

The purchase of a yacht is a pinnacle moment. But a yacht is no ordinary luxury asset and, just as with any vehicle, there are a range of factors owners must consider beyond buying and equipping the vessel itself. We enable yacht owners and captains to enjoy the freedoms of the open ocean, without being tethered by administrative demands.

Bringing over 15 years’ experience to the firm, our yacht management specialist, Associate Director Natasha Bunting, has made Saffery Trust the first port of call for yacht owners. A one-stop-shop with a first-class service. Saffery Trust can provide tailored yacht management services, encompassing vessel acquisition, management and sale. Capabilities range from flag state registration in top tier jurisdictions and compliance with all international and local / port authority regulations, to operational support including crew staffing and vessel supply.

Overview of available services

  • Vessel name reservation
  • Vessel registration (full, temp and Ship Under Construction)
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Transmission of Ownership
  • Transfer Port (out)
  • Voluntary deletion
  • Deletion (vessel sold)
  • Transcript of register
  • Change of vessel type (PY to COMM) / (COMM to PY)
  • Demise charter (out)
  • Change of vessel’s name
  • Change of registered owner’s name
  • Change of mortgagee’s name
  • Change of registered office’s address
  • Change of registered owner’s address
  • Change of representative person address
  • Priority notice (record)
  • Recording of loss of mortgage document
  • Recording lifeboats tenders & appurtenances
  • Cayman Island endorsement
  • Seafarer discharge books
  • Dispensations
  • Minimum safe manning