Digital assets and cryptocurrency have revolutionised the market and changed the way the world works and our interactions in it.

From cryptocurrency natives to investors looking to diversify their portfolios, we’re here to support our clients on their digital wealth journey. We’re here to make the complex simple.

We’re at the forefront of digital wealth management. Our digital asset team members all have personal interests in this exciting sphere. We keep up with the trends and understand the unique challenges that digital asset ownership presents.


From a notoriously volatile market and cyber attacks to the loss of crypto keys, digital assets are high risk. We’re here to mitigate risk so you can focus on the rewards.

The freedoms that first attracted investors to the market are narrowing. Regulators are catching up. Compliance is equally more important, yet complex, than ever before. Our global teams are perfectly placed to take on the risk and responsibility of compliance for you.

You understand the value and use of your assets, and so do we, but will your beneficiaries? Succession planning is a key consideration when it comes to digital assets. Holding your assets in a trust, or suitable alternative structure, future-proofs them for the next generation and removes unnecessary burdens for you and your beneficiaries.

We’re here to help

When it comes to digital assets and cryptocurrency, we know what we’re doing.

Where some service providers may have limited scope to onboard clients with digital clients, we have dedicated teams across our offices who are leaders in digital wealth management.

As an independent firm, we have the freedom to work with any global specialist and connect you with our carefully cultivated network.

We will consider working with most digital assets, where the appropriate infrastructure allows us to manage them effectively, whilst carefully weighing the risks against the potential benefits for you.

We’re here to bridge the gap between the digital and traditional worlds, including banking and compliance, giving you peace of mind in the process.