The wealth landscape is changing, and ESG investing is on the rise. Dubbed “The Great Wealth Transfer”, the generation inheriting wealth are often more socially conscious than previous generations, which is creating a shift in priorities when it comes to ESG investments and growing, protecting and preserving wealth.

Whether you are the wealth generator in your family or not, we want to know what’s important to you. Everyone has an important role to play in engaging in environmental, social and governance (ESG) discussions. We’re here to listen.

We’re not jumping on the band wagon. We’ve spent more than a decade building portfolios and constructing diversified opportunities across the ESG sector for our clients.

We work with you to understand your values, and then translate those values into investments with both a financial return and tangible, social and environmental benefits. With ESG investing, our mission is to harmoniously marry your financial goals with your overarching desire to make a positive social and environmental impact, ensuring that your investments are not just financially lucrative but also meaningful and aligned with your core beliefs.

Alongside our network of specialist advisors, we work to minimise our clients’ exposure to “greenwashing”, where opportunities may superficially present themselves as ESG-focused but fall short of best practice within the realm of sustainability and responsible investing. We care about doing things the right way, with the right people.

As the ESG sector continues to grow, the terminology and discourse associated with this sector are also evolving. Responsible, sustainable, impact or impact-first investing mean different things to different clients. We want to know what they mean to you.

From solar and wind farms to micro-financing businesses in developing nations, we help you to do good.

We’re engaged, experienced and committed to delivering for you and your family. Collective wisdom, at your disposal.

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