The wealth landscape is changing. Dubbed “The Great Wealth Transfer”, the generation inheriting wealth are often more socially conscious than previous generations, which is creating a shift in priorities when it comes to investments and growing, protecting and preserving wealth.

We understand that, whether or not you have generated your wealth, you have an important role to play in engaging in environmental, social and governance (ESG) discussions as wealth custodians.

We have worked for over a decade building portfolios and constructing diversified opportunities across the ESG sector for our clients. In the process, we have developed an innate knowledge which helps us deliver for you.

We work in partnership with you to understand your core values and then translate those values into investments which provide not only a financial return, but that enable you to do something that has a purpose and means something, delivering tangible, social and environmental benefits.

Working with consultant advisers, and giving you access to our global network, is an important part of our ESG service and establishes effective relationships.

We are conscious to ensure our clients are not exposed to “greenwashing”, where opportunities may appear to be ESG-oriented on the surface, but fall short of best practice. Acting with discipline and enthusiasm while drawing on years of experience, we delve deeper to ensure that there is real value in your investments which align with your objectives.

As opportunities and investment types within ESG continue to grow, as does the language surrounding the sector. With the lines between responsible, sustainable, impact and impact first investing often blurred, we can support you in understanding the differences and identifying what each means to you.

We have facilitated investments across a broad spectrum from solar and wind farms, which provide annuity income, down to micro-finance funds which lend small amounts to people in developing nations to grow their businesses and provide for their families.

From exploring investments in initiatives to provide more nutritious school meals, to understanding how blockchain technology can ensure that products are truly ethically sourced, we are continually expanding our knowledge within the ESG sphere. We are engaged, have the expertise and want to deliver for you and your family.

We take our ESG duties seriously as a service provider and continue to grow our green and corporate social responsibility teams across our jurisdictions.

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