At Saffery Champness, the value of your family lies far beyond your wealth. We work diligently to understand your individual and collective ambitions.

Our distinctive independent structure allows us to do things differently. Whether providing a full family office service or working in partnership with your existing family or private office, our autonomy allows us to offer completely bespoke services to meet your family’s needs.

We do not shy away from the unique challenges family offices can present, including providing effective solutions when faced with contentious work. Your family will benefit not only from our expertise, but from that of our wider network of specialist service providers.

We have extensive experience and understanding of multi-cultural family offices and the implications on estate matters. This experience includes obtaining a blessing from the Grand Cayman Court for a momentous decision for the distribution of high-value and complex trust assets in accordance with Shari’a Law.

Our understanding of the complex nature of family dynamics, the diversity of motivating factors across generations, and the need for strategic input has earned us a seat at the family table as trusted advisers.

Our role

Just as no two families are the same, our role varies by the needs of each client. We are highly experienced in managing multi-jurisdictional and multi-structure portfolios, ensuring each cogs turns seamlessly within intricate mechanisms.

We are specialists in the establishment and management of traditional structures, including trusts and companies, while keeping abreast of how they can be adapted to suit the modern needs of our clients. Our freedom to tailor our offering and administer both conventional and contemporary structures allows us to consistently deliver the highest levels of client service.


With a long history of establishing and administering bespoke trust services, our team goes beyond what is expected, offering strategic input to the decision-making process and overall position of your portfolio.

Alternative structures

At times, alternative structures to traditional trusts may be more appropriate to meet the needs of a family office. Our experience across a diverse range of alternative structures ensures that we find a bespoke solution that works best for you and your family. More information about our alternative structures is available here.


Where other service providers may shy away from activity with perceived risk, we will consider and explore every avenue. With proven expertise in dealing with marketable and non-marketable investments, we appoint and monitor assets on a risk-adjusted basis.

We are able to provide individual and consolidated reporting on the performance of investments and work alongside our extensive network of advisers to fulfil the agreed investment objectives.

Non-standard assets

From luxury assets including art, antiquities and aircrafts, to digital assets, hotels and operating businesses, we believe you should have the freedom to any asset class. We draw on the expertise of our global network of specialist advisers in determining the pursual of non-standard assets.


As social and environmental responsibility become increasingly more important to our clients, we work in partnership to help them achieve their philanthropic goals. We have expertise in investments within the responsible, sustainable, social and ethical sphere, as well as impact investing, charitable foundations and donations.


Our reporting is as tailored-made as our service offering, on both an individual and consolidated basis. We can carry the increasing burden of financial reporting, leaving you with more time and an assurance that your reporting will meet all legislative requirements.