Daniel Hawson

Executive Director, Geneva



Through almost three decades in the industry, I am acutely aware of the importance of listening to fully understand a situation. I enjoy taking the time to build long-lasting relationships with clients and to understand what matters most to them to support them in the best way possible.

I build trust with clients, colleagues and intermediaries through meaningful conversation, a personable approach and a genuine shared interest in my chosen field.

I value flexibility and actively seek opportunities to learn new things. I am fortunate that my role allows me to expand my industry expertise in alignment with my personal interests, including cryptocurrency and digital assets.

I am highly driven to problem solve, am detail-oriented, analytical, and an effective communicator. This allows me to simplify complex issues and relay them in a digestible manner as a trusted advisor.


As Executive Director, my primary role is managing a group of ultra-high-net-worth clients from Asia, to the Middle East and the UK.

In addition to this, I provide wealth and estate planning and structuring advice to a diversified client base and have a good knowledge of cross-border tax and legal issues. This involves acting as a sounding board, and often a confidant, for clients, in addition to advising them on all aspects of their financial affairs.

With a thorough understanding that planning for the future means considering current tax and succession laws, I am responsible for ensuring we allow for sufficient flexibility where possible when establishing wealth structures to maximise their effectiveness.

I travel extensively in Asia and, as a confident public speaker, I regularly deliver educational talks on succession planning to entrepreneurs and business clubs.

Key experience

  • Executive Board experience
  • Significant experience in contentious trust matters, including family disputes
  • Advising families of all aspect of succession planning including family governance and family constitutions
  • Facilitating the structuring and management of non-standard assets including operational companies, aircraft and boats
  • Establishing and managing private trust company structures