Nicky Kendall

Associate Director, Guernsey



I am goal-oriented and have always been motivated to ensure work is completed to the highest standard. I would be disappointed if I felt that I could have done more for a client or colleague. I am a people person and strive to ensure my colleagues are supported and inspired to develop and succeed.

My loyalty to Saffery Trust over the last 25 years, building a career while supporting a family, has been driven by the ability to evolve my role. My extensive experience has allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of our client journey, which has been invaluable. I always try to put myself in my client’s shoes to ensure we are adding value and actively seek opportunities to exceed expectations.


I am the head of the digital asset team, after first being approached by a client looking to invest in the digital market in 2017. I was immediately driven to explore the relatively unknown area, which has resulted in Saffery Trust being seen as the primary Guernsey service provider to manage digital assets.

As we deepen our offering in the digital asset sphere, my role is to ensure the team keeps abreast of this continually evolving landscape and enhance our network. In doing so, ensuring we are best placed in supporting our clients on their journey within regulated jurisdictions.

My focus on client service led to a secondary role within Saffery Trust, taking responsibility for overseeing the client service cornerstone that forms part of our business plan and values. I am actively involved in establishing business plan goals, strategies and initiatives with a focus on education and enabling the business to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

I am also often called upon to support team productivity and dynamics within the business. My experience of joining the business in a support role before working through all the trust administration levels up to Senior Trust Manager has given me a unique understanding of each role.

I do not set myself apart from team members at any level, as we are all working towards a common goal. I believe recognising the individual strengths of each team member and working with mutual respect drives positive working relationships to enable us to achieve the results our clients expect.

Key experience

  • Setting up and administering multi-structure portfolios to hold specialist assets, including digital assets.
  • Assisting clients with interests in civil society and philanthropic projects, including through the use of Guernsey purpose trusts and family office services.
  • Dealing with asset holding and charitable/philanthropic structures for a wealthy Middle Eastern family.
  • The management of complex structures holding, amongst other assets, shares in oil exploration companies and property groups for a UK-based, high-net-worth individual and his family.

Professional memberships

  • Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators since 2008