Philip Radford

Director, Guernsey/Dubai



With nearly three decades of industry experience, being innovative and adaptable has proven invaluable. I have always been someone who embraces change, with a methodical approach to identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges.

I believe clarity is key and am confident and concise when presenting ideas. The adage that ‘time is a precious commodity’ is something I adhere to. I am conscious to ensure that I, and my team, are adding value in any time spent, working in partnership with and for our clients, and prioritise my workload based on substance and impact.

It is my firmly held view that people should be at the heart of all our service offerings and put a high value on authenticity and directness. I enjoy identifying what matters most to our clients and translating their values into objectives with measurable outcomes.


I am responsible for teams that establish, administer and manage multi-jurisdictional structures holding diverse assets. I have developed a particular interest in the emerging opportunities in the digital market and am actively involved with our digital asset and cryptocurrency team.

I lead the firm’s Investment Review Committee, which reviews the appointment and performance of managers of quoted investment portfolios to ensure expectations are being met. I am passionate about the growing trend of investment in the ESG sphere and have developed a specialism in supporting clients with impact and sustainable investing.

I have contributed to thought leadership articles on these socially conscious areas, as well as the subject of the management of digital assets.

As a confident public speaker, I embrace opportunities to participate in panels or roundtable discussions, which allow me to learn from the perspective of others and have my own views challenged in the process. I believe that listening is one of the most important tools of effective communication and I actively encourage others to be open in expressing their views, particularly in cases where those view contradict my own.

Alongside my strength for articulating the complexities surrounding wealth management, including ESG and digital assets, I also understand the importance of listening to the insight of others. I enter discussions with clients, colleagues and intermediaries with enthusiasm and an open mind.

Key experience

  • Board member of multiple companies involved in the acquisition, investment and development of both commercial and residential property interests.
  • Digital assets.
  • Impact and sustainable investing, including social, ethical and environmental investments.
  • Investments in listed securities and private equity.
  • Private trust companies.