Lydia Hearsum

Senior Manager, London

Lydia Carpenter

Lydia is a Senior Manager in the Private Wealth and Estates Group, having joined the firm in 2016.

She has a wide portfolio of clients and has experience managing complex family tax situations, including succession planning to aid the passing of wealth onto younger generations.

Lydia specialises in providing tax advice to family groups, high net worth individuals and their related entities such as trusts and partnerships, and is responsible for overseeing their annual tax compliance and accounting. She also works closely with solicitors on the administration of complex death estates and provides tax advice in connection with divorce proceedings.

Key experience

  • Reviewing individuals’ Inheritance Tax (IHT) exposure and advising on IHT planning options including the potential use of Family Investment Companies (FICs) in this context,
  • Advising Trustees on how they can improve their IHT position ahead of chargeable events such as the trust’s ten year anniversary,
  • Advising clients on structuring options for activities such as property acquisitions, property development and other new business ventures, often in the context of a family’s wider succession planning,
  • Providing UK tax residency advice for clients arriving in and departing from the UK, including liaising with advisors in other jurisdictions to ensure a joined up multi-jurisdictional approach,
  • Providing tax advice in connection with divorce proceedings, often focused on the capital gains tax implications associated with asset disposals and/or transfers of assets between parties.


Lydia lives in London and in her spare time enjoys dog walks, skiing and exploring the vineyards of Europe.