We know we cannot thrive without a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We are committed to creating a fully inclusive working environment where every partner and member of staff feels confident to be themselves, reach their full potential and carry out their best work.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion mission statement underpins all of our actions as we work towards achieving our goals:

At Saffery Champness we value and respect diversity of background, life experience, thought and identities. We strive for everyone to have equal access to opportunities, feel safe to be themselves and thrive with us.

Building on our values and the strengths of our existing work culture, we aim for more, recognising that diversity and inclusion are key to providing outstanding client service, being a responsible firm and for our overall future success.

Our current initiatives include the creation of people networks to support and strengthen the inclusion of underrepresented groups, and developing a baseline report so our equality, diversity and inclusion work is strategic and evidence driven.

Gender pay report

Reducing our gender pay gap is one key element of improving equality across the firm, at every level.

Our latest annual gender pay report reveals that our firm has a mean gender pay gap of 1.0% and a mean gender bonus gap of 4.3%. These figures relate to data as at 5 April 2021.

Read the Gender Pay Report 2021.

We are delighted to share a mainly consistent downward trend in our figures over the last five years. An increase in the appointment of women to more senior roles, along with our flexible working policies and culture, which benefit everyone, are key factors that have contributed to this positive trend.

Going forward, we will continue to change and improve the experience of women in all their diversity at Saffery Champness through our equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives. For example, by introducing ethnicity pay gap reporting to understand if women from minority ethnic groups are facing lower average pay; ensuring our policies support all parents and carers so that male colleagues are equally expected and supported to take time off work for caring responsibilities; and by listening to our people networks, so that they inform our way forward towards true equality for women at Saffery Champness.

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