Everything you need to know

There are a few different stages in our application process to get through, so that we can make sure that we’re right for each other – and that you have every opportunity to show us your best. 

To help you do that, and make the most of each stage, here’s how it all works plus a few helpful hints and tips. 

Preparing for your interview

Completing the online application form

  • Start by doing your research – by looking at our website and social media channels (LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram),
  • Read every question carefully before answering, 
  • Take your time, make sure you haven’t missed anything out that could really sell you, and
  • Proofread everything and try to look out for spelling mistakes. Does it all make sense? 

Getting ready for your interview

  1. Again, start with research – not just into Saffery but into careers in accountancy/tax. Why is this the right area for you?
  2. Think about what you want from this opportunity. How will it help you get to where you want to be? 
  3. Prepare some questions to ask during the interview, and 
  4. Make sure you know what time your interview is! Try to find somewhere that’s quiet, where you can talk freely.  

Now to meet in-person…

  1. Try to relax and be yourself – that’s who we want to see, that’s why you’re here today,
  2. Try to dress smart-casual – that’s how most colleagues in our offices come to work, and 
  3. Ask questions. As many as you like. Remember, it’s just as important that we’re right for you, as you are for us.