Help yourself

Here are some useful hints and practical tips to help you show yourself at your best throughout our recruitment process.

Your application

  • Don’t just list your previous jobs, use your CV to show us everything you can bring to the role,
  • Sell yourself. Make yourself stand out. Show us why we have to meet you,  
  • Tailor your CV to the specific role you’re applying for,
  • Tell us about you beyond work – we’d love to hear about any personal or community projects that you’re proud of,
  • Before you hit send, give everything a final check, and 
  • Attach a covering letter – it’s the first thing we’ll see and first impressions count.  

Your interview

  • Make sure you really understand the role (and sector) you’re interviewing for,
  • Do your research, have a good look at our website and social channels: LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram,
  • Think about what you want to say – what you want to get across to us – before you get to the interview,
  • Yes, we’ll want to hear about your strengths, experience and professional ambitions,
  • We’ll want to hear specific examples too – where you’ve put them into action, and
  • Tell us – show us – why you want to work here.