Applying for a job at Saffery Champness? Read our hints and tips below for guidance on how to prepare during the recruitment process.

Submitting your application
  • Your CV needs to demonstrate what you can bring to the role; it should not just be a list of previous jobs.
  • View your application as an advert for yourself – it should make an impact and grab attention. Don’t be afraid of selling yourself.
  • Remember that when you are putting your CV together it should persuade us that you’re worth meeting.
  • Tailor your CV to the specific role you are applying for.
  • If there are projects you have done outside of work that highlight your passion and express your personality, include it on your CV.
  • Review your application before you hit send. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Include a covering letter – this will be the first thing we see. It’s an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and persuade us to put you through to the next round.
  • Including incorrect information in your application could lead to dismissal.
The interview
  • Think about your answers before the interview. We will want to know about your strengths, experience and professional ambitions.
  • Make sure you understand the role you are interviewing for and the sector you wish to join.
  • Think about some specific examples in your career that demonstrate your skills and experience.
  • Ensure you have done your research on the firm by looking at our website and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).
  • Tell us why you want to join the firm and what is attractive about the role.