The right place for you

Now, lots of firms say it, but the proof is in the doing. Ask anyone who works with us. Or any one of our diverse, high-profile clients. 

Saffery is a firm where you can thrive. You see, we’ve never wanted to be a faceless behemoth of an accountancy firm. Because we’re far too focused on providing the best service to our clients, in the select areas and markets we’ve consciously chosen to specialise in.

You at your expert, selfless, ambitious best

Standing still’s not in our make-up. It’s been progress all the way since 1855. 

So, yes, you’ll get on here. Have the drive and focus to deliver for our clients and we’ll do for you what you do for them: go further. 

We’ll encourage and support your continued development. Helping you make the most of your potential and ambition (whilst you help others do the same). Through work that’s challenging, interesting, stimulating and rewarding. For high-profile clients who value and respect you, personally and professionally. 

It’s all here for you

We want you to be happy in your work. To feel more professionally fulfilled and personally appreciated, knowing that your contribution is recognised and rewarded. And you will be because they genuinely are. 

Award logos

Now, great working relationships work both ways. Our different pathways give you the option to choose the right direction for your career.  But you need to bring your best. To your clients and to your colleagues. 

We want you to share your knowledge openly and effectively. To help colleagues succeed and develop. We want you to contribute to the wider firm too, bringing ideas as well as expertise. Yes, we ask a lot of our people, but we’ll also give back in return. 

As well as helping you build and strengthen your technical and commercial skills, we’ve built our benefits package around you too. You can pick and choose the rewards that work for you and your circumstances at that particular time.

Find your perfect job with Saffery