Insight into our trainee programme

Stacey Emelyanenko, a Trainee Chartered Accountant in High Wycombe

Stacey Emelyanenko, a Trainee Chartered Accountant, works in our High Wycombe office. Stacey shares her experiences since joining the firm, from its commitment to attracting trainees from a wide range of backgrounds to providing a supportive environment to thrive.

“Being a trainee at Saffery in High Wycombe is an amazing opportunity, and it is remarkable how actively it embraces and supports school leavers.

The firm’s commitment to ‘on-the-job’ experience has allowed me to bridge the gap between theory and practice. From experiencing real-world scenarios and acquiring practical skills that complement the formal ACA qualification to having the chance to engage with clients directly. This not only allows for constant application of technical abilities but has also greatly increased my confidence and adaptability.

Financially, the benefits are substantial. Unlike the hefty costs associated with university education, Saffery invests in its school leavers. Qualifications are not only paid for but also earned concurrently with a competitive salary.

Beyond individual growth, the firm’s recruitment strategy has a broader impact. We are actively seeking talent from schools and I am frequently attending events held by local schools or charitable organisations to inform young people about this great opportunity that I am so lucky to be a part of. Saffery is great at nurturing talent and aids people from a wide range of backgrounds to start their accounting journey.

Saffery enriches its workforce with diverse perspectives. These opportunities extend beyond what traditional post-university recruitment might offer. School leavers, who might otherwise face barriers, now find doors wide open—a chance to prosper, contribute, and shape their futures.

In summary, Saffery’s approach to nurturing school leavers goes beyond professional development—it creates a supportive environment where talent flourishes, diversity thrives, and doors remain wide open for dialogue and progress.”

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Many of our current directors and senior managers were part of the programme and trained at our High Wycombe office.

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 Stacey spoke at Buckinghamshire Skills Hub’s ‘Introduction to Apprenticeships’ webinar about her experience as a trainee. You can hear more at 36m:36s into the Introduction to Apprenticeships video.