Saffery Champness opens Dubai office

28 Sep 2018

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Saffery Champness Registered Fiduciaries has opened a representative office in the United Arab Emirates within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

A permanent office has been established to support and expand the firm’s intermediary network and assist with servicing existing clients across the GCC and wider region.

The initiative has been led by the Guernsey office of Saffery Champness and Managing Director Nick Batiste said:

“After reviewing our international presence, and having considered the most appropriate location for this new representative office, the DIFC has the ideal blend of legal and commercial infrastructure and the international prestige to make it the clear choice for us. The calibre of practitioners and the opportunities available to us are just as impressive as the architecture. I am excited to see how our business evolves.”

Philip Radford, Director, and Ajay Wiltshire, General Counsel, will be leading Saffery Champness’ presence in the region and are developing opportunities for the firm.

Ajay Wiltshire commented: “The support that we have received from the DIFC central authority and the encouragement from the local adviser community has greatly assisted us in establishing a presence in the region. Friends old and new have been incredibly supportive and their input has certainly helped shape our thinking. The international connectivity of Dubai makes it an ideal base for this initiative.”

Philip Radford said: “We see this as an opportunity to reinforce existing relationships and also to create new and exciting opportunities for the firm. We have been impressed by the quality of the financial community and also the opportunities to develop business for our Guernsey, Geneva and London colleagues across the wider region.”

The office will be a regional hub for business development and this first step represents a sustained commitment to expanding the international practice of Saffery Champness.

James Sykes, London-based partner and Chairman of Saffery Champness, said: “In an increasingly connected world it is vital that we are able to support and access our clients wherever they choose to be, and I am pleased by the reception we have received and encouraged that our values and history are appreciated.”

Find out more about our Dubai office, here.

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