Saffery sponsors ‘Sculpture at Beaulieu’ exhibition

Sculpture at Beaulieu team photo

Saffery in Bournemouth have sponsored the ‘Sculpture at Beaulieu’ exhibition. This popular annual event features the works from international and national sculptors.

Following the success of ‘Sculpture at Beaulieu’ in 2019 and 2021, the event has returned. It features a unique collection of works by over 57 renowned sculptors, including Nicolas Moreton, Jill Berelowitz, Jonty Hurwitz, Gary Boulton, Michael Turner and many more. The event runs from 17 June to 24 September 2023.

Each piece has been carefully selected to take full advantage of their unique backdrop; from the atmospheric ruins of Beaulieu Abbey to the serene beauty of the Victorian Flower Garden and the intimate setting of Palace House.

Ranging from figurative to abstract, and covering a diverse range of mediums, the exhibition provides something to suit all tastes.

All of the sculptures are on sale, with the works on offer ranging in price from just £75 for the most petite and exquisite, right up to £150,000 for the biggest show-stoppers.

Casidhe Baleri, Partner at Saffery in Bournemouth, said, “It is once again a great opportunity to sponsor the ‘Sculpture at Beaulieu’ exhibition. I attended the preview evening and was struck by the variety of sculptures on display. I would highly recommend a visit.”

Sculpture at Beaulieu

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