Private Client – July 2019

10 Jul 2019

Beach huts

Welcome to the July issue of Private Client.

Research by HM Revenue & Customs has revealed that fewer than half of those making use of lifetime gifts are aware of the inheritance tax rules and implications. Therefore, our first article is a brief overview and guide to what can be given away inheritance-tax-free.

Many people who start a business may not be aware of the implications of all the decisions they make when first starting out. Our second article gives an overview of the key considerations that new business owners will need to bear in mind when deciding how to structure their business and whether they should employ staff.

There has been some tinkering with the way in which Entrepreneurs’ Relief works over recent years. Our final article rounds up these changes to Entrepreneurs’ Relief and gives some examples to illustrate how they may impact shareholders.

I hope you enjoy this issue. I would be pleased to receive any suggestions or ideas you have for articles in future issues of Private Client and, as ever, please do contact either me or your usual Saffery Champness partner if you would like more information on any of the topics featured here.

Coll Murchison-MacDonald, Editor