We’re committed to understanding and acting on climate change.

Our independent structure gives us the freedom to change how we work to reduce our impact on the environment across all our offices.


We know where we are, and where we want to be.

We are proud that our Geneva office has been climate neutral since 2020. We undertake annual reporting on its greenhouse gas emissions to set targets and monitor our progress. The most recent report showed that 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources and that there had been a 15% increase in team members using public transport for their commute.

In Guernsey we’re also monitoring our emissions with the support of a corporate sustainability provider. The outcome of an audit of our emissions in 2022 identified areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint, and the results will be used to benchmark our progress.


Our people matter to us. We work together to reach our goals.

We encourage all our team members to support our efforts to find greener ways of working. We also supported Trust Transformation Manager, Joe Cardoso-Smale, in becoming the first Guernsey team member to be certified as Carbon Literate.

We have established volunteer “Green Teams” across our offices, where team members who feel passionately about protecting the environment share ideas and create initiatives to involve the wider teams.

Alongside taking park in community projects – for example the Better Journey Day Project in Guernsey – our teams have also launched their own green challenges.

10 in 10 Guernsey

In Guernsey, we challenged our staff to swap 10 car journeys for more sustainable transport methods over a 10-week period. Starting in July of 2023, a large number of staff have been participating in the hopes of decreasing the number of car journeys, and making ‘greener’ transport choices.

Waste-free Wednesday – Geneva

In the same 10-week period as the 10 in 10 challenges, our Geneva team took part in Waste-free Wednesdays. The team were given weekly suggestions on how to reduce their waste and alternatives to single-use products, in the hopes that many may make permanent changes to more sustainable products.

Global effort

Our client base is increasingly environmentally conscious. It’s our duty to support them.

We assist our clients in responsible and sustainable investing where possible. We also undertake rigorous due diligence to help minimise the risk of our clients being exposed to “greenwashing” by third parties.

We also look for opportunities where we can support global efforts. This included our Geneva office supporting the manufacture and distribution of efficient cookers and climate-friendly solar cookers in Madagascar.