One of the benefits of having an in-house accountancy business is we undertake the bookkeeping of the structures that we manage, ensuring that financial statements are prepared to the applicable accounting standards.

Our team prepares consolidated accounts for large or complex structures and liaises with auditors if an annual audit is required. We are able to offer this service to external parties, whether they be other trustees, institutions or individuals looking to outsource their accounting requirements.

In conjunction with these accounting services, our in-house UK tax specialists are able to provide analysis on an individual or trust’s tax position as well as assist with all tax compliance matters from property tax returns (ATED or NRL) to more complex capital gains tax calculations.

The work undertaken by our tax team includes:

  • Calculation of historic capital gains and income within a structure
  • Assisting with the preparation of financial information for CRS purposes
  • Completion of non-resident landlord tax returns
  • Completion of annual tax on enveloped dwelling (ATED) tax returns

Our Swiss offices also provide accounting expertise to a wide range of clients, including individuals looking to consolidate the various reporting they receive from different institutions, or companies looking to outsource their accounting function.