Working for both start-ups and established players, we work to protect intellectual property in the digital and online world. Working with software developers, online retailers and virtual brands, amongst others, we ensure that our clients’ affairs are structured in the most tax-efficient way and that the value of their ideas is realised.

If New York is the city that never sleeps, digital and online is the sector that never rests. Everything is fast moving and international time zones are meaningless. Clients work in real time, not the past.

How our experts can help you

If you are concerned and need help to confirm that your royalty income is correct or need reassurance over the tax implications of opening an office in Singapore, we can help.

If your cash flow is stretched and you need to discuss tax incentives both in the UK and internationally, we are the people who understand research and development and ‘Patent Box’ rules.

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Pete Hackleton
Partner, London

Key experience

Pete is head of the firm’s Sports & Entertainment Group and advises a range of corporate and individual clients.