We know that VAT efficiency can reduce costs and free up time allocated to managing VAT compliance.

If you are concerned at the level of VAT costs the business is incurring, we can help you with our practical and commercial approach to identifying cost and time savings.

Taxpayers and businesses are entitled to organise their business affairs in a tax efficient manner. The fundamental purpose of VAT is to act as a tax on a final consumption. However, VAT can catch the unwary and create cost in unattended ways as it passes through the supply chain.

Businesses should not be suffering irrecoverable VAT because of the particular way they are structured or organised, or through systems and processes that are not fit for purpose. Our aim is to help clients pay the right amount of tax at the right time.

We can assist clients to identify and reduce VAT costs. Our services in this area include:

  • Reviewing and advising on efficient structures.
  • Working with clients and their legal advisers on contracting.
  • Reviewing partial exemption methods.
  • Obtaining VAT rulings and making VAT repayment claims.
  • Reducing VAT cash flow costs.
  • Identifying sources of irrecoverable VAT and advising on cost reduction strategies.
  • Improving efficiency in VAT processes and controls.

If you think your business is suffering irrecoverable VAT, or you are uncertain how to identify hidden VAT cost in your financial accounts, we can help you.

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Sean is Head of the Edinburgh office.