Saffery Champness International Entrepreneurs

We have extensive experience of assisting entrepreneurs in their business ventures, and we provide a full range of partner-led services ranging from assisting with raising capital, negotiating with lenders, preparing business plans, forecasts and budgets, to tax planning for both the businesses and their owners and managers, and accounts and tax compliance.

There is a long and successful culture of entrepreneurship in the UK which has been, and continues to be, encouraged by successive governments through tax and other fiscal legislation. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to take full advantage of the tax and other financial incentives on offer so that your new ventures get off to the best start possible. We have substantial experience of advising in this sector, advising what is on offer and on how to set up business structures in the most tax-efficient manner possible. 

Our services include advising on structuring to obtain Enterprise Investment Scheme reliefs and capital gains tax Entrepreneurs' Relief. We can also help you research which government grants may be available. We can help with exit strategy planning prior to the sale of a business.

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