Deciding how and when to exit can be a difficult decision for entrepreneurs who have spent years building up a business from start-up stage.

How we help

Timing is crucial, both from an economic and personal perspective, and we will work with you to get this right.

Market conditions are important but so too is the position of the business on its growth curve and entrepreneurs should be ready to exit when profits are still rising.

Structuring the deal in a tax efficient way can have a real impact on the net value of the transaction and doing this successfully requires forward planning and specialist tax advice. This is where our experience can make a real difference to the outcome for you, your family and your employees.

We help our clients through all aspects of a sale. We ensure the advice is commercial and beneficial to you in the long term.

There are a number of key considerations that need to be answered with the support of an adviser that understands your needs when selling a business.

Set out below are some of the key considerations our clients come across when they are thinking about an exit.

  1. When is a good time to sell your business?
  2. What value do you want from selling your business?
  3. How do I make my business more attractive to a buyer?
  4. What are the tax implications for you?
  5. What comes after the sale process?

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Stuart Macdougall
Partner, London

Key experience

Stuart joined Saffery in December 2022 as a partner from a Big Four firm.