How we can help

Whatever decisions and challenges you face as your business grows, we will keep you energised and focused on your goals.

We help you plan and implement change to maintain a competitive edge. From research and new product development to exploring new markets, we guide you through the process and ensure you take advantage of any incentives available.

Your people will become a key consideration at this stage in the development of your business. Our expertise will enable you to choose the most appropriate employee benefits and incentives for your organisation so that you can nurture talent and retain expertise.

Set out below are some of the key considerations our clients have come across when growing their business.

  1. What is your growth strategy and is the structure of the business adequate to cope with the strategy being taken forward?
  2. How will you expand – organically or by acquisition? Have you got the right funding to help with the expansion?
  3. Is your key management team motivated and adequately remunerated for potential future events?
  4. Do you need outside help and expertise – the make-up of your board and acquiring the right talent?
  5. Is your business fit for purpose – has it got the right infrastructure or internal controls in place to cope with growth?

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Stuart Macdougall
Partner, London

Key experience

Stuart joined Saffery in December 2022 as a partner from a Big Four firm.